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Ankle fracture

Ankle Fracture

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty in bearing weight
  • Deformed ankle
  • Bruises
  • Open wound

Ankle fractures can develop by twisting injuries of ankle or direct fall or impact. These are bony injuries involving lower ends of leg bones (tibia & fibula).

Risk factors and Causes

It is usually caused by twisting injury of ankle but can be caused by direct impact.

  • High impact sports
  • Missed steps while walking
  • Osteoporosis
  • Falls
  • Accidents


  • X ray – most of fractures can be diagnosed by simple x ray in desired views
  • MRI- may be needed to diagnose associated ligament injury
  • CT scan – may be needed in few patients for diagnosis and surgical planning


Treatment depends on bones involved, type of fracture, severity of injury
  • Immobilization in plaster – as a primary management it is done for most of ankle fractures. It minimizes pain, swelling and supports ankle
  • Medicines for pain relief and swelling
  • Plaster cast – can be done if stable and undisplaced fracture.
  • Surgical intervention –depending on type of fracture surgical fixation is planned.